Lodovico Minelli Sarteri (b. 1980, Brixen) is a creative director and curator of mindful luxury experiences.

Sarteri, who lives and works in the Alpine region, has a career in creative direction bridging commercial branding, experiential design and curatorial activities. He has been consultant for sound architectural and art market ventures. He served PR and marketing firms dealing with luxury brands in several fields such as fashion, design, automotive.

"My true interest is curating experiences of mindful luxury to bring awareness and share beauty, calm and meaning in a messy world. Südtirol is a sensory nest to focus on details surrounded by inspiring Nature."
– Sarteri

Since the mid 90's Sarteri has been traveling, connecting and documenting artists who traced the history of non-commissioned public art. Art productions that were literally scaled from the streets to museums and art galleries. Sarteri understood early this ZeitGeist change: the most democratic forms of art ever were welcomed in prestigious environments and investors were craving. The same happened with street-lifestyle for luxury brands. This granted Sarteri a privileged position as a confident expert counting on an authentic background.

In 2018, blending his experiential creative direction skills and consultancy expertise, he co-founded SensoryDesign.com, a science and technology firm with purpose extending luxury brands relevance through experiences. The Venture is today one of the assets of the leading wealth and financial Kaiser Partner Group with offices in Vaduz, Zurich, Bozen and Milan.

Since 2008 Sarteri is serving humanitarian projects as an active member of Rotary International.


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